Modi Energy Limited

Modi Energy Limited (MEL) is a company established with the main objective to promote hydropower sector of Nepal through the private investment as a part of contribution to the overall development of the country.

  • Hydro Solutions Group
  • Murarka Group
  • Debenara Group
  • K L Dugar Group
  • Shanker Group

are key shareholders in the company .The Lower Modi Hydroelectric Project (LMHEP) is located in Deopur, Bajung, Tilahar,Durlung and Chuwa Village Development Committee of Parbat District in the Western Development Region of Nepal. This project is located 50 km west from Pokhara city along the Pokhara-Baglung highway. Geographically, the basin is located between latitudes 28º14'08" and 28º16'18" and between longitude 83º42'30" and 83º44'43". The river basin extends up to 7555 masl. The annual generation of energy is 117 GWh with installed capacity of 20 MW.

The LMHEP is along the Pokhara-Baglung Highway, which is approximately 50 km from Pokhara city. The Pokhara-Baglung Highway is available to the powerhouse and desander. However, 2 km long access road is required to the intake, surge tank site, Adits and diversion.

The Modi Khola is perennial snow fed River and one of the major tributaries of Kali Gandaki River. It drains a catchment area of 510 km2 at the intake site of existing 14 MW, Modi Hydropower Project. Pati Khola which drains 42 km2 catchment area, also get mixed with Modi at about 120 m upstream of proposed weir location of LMHEP. Flow is estimated from Jhapre Bagar Reference Gauging station 406.5. Based on the hydrological analysis, the estimated average mean monthly flow for the project is 28.8 m³/s .Combined (Modi and Pati Khola) long term annual average flow and 100 years floods at intake and powerhouse are found to be 54.6 m³/s, 1516 m³/s and 1688 m³/s respectively.

The LMHEP is located in between Pati Khola and Paradi. All related structures are located at the right bank of the Modi Khola on the alluvial deposits and bedrocks. The area consists of quartzite, phyllite, schist, metasandstone and phyllitic slate.